So, you’ve taken the time to invest in a brand-new pavement for your home or business; now, it’s time to make sure it stays well protected. Adding a couple of layers of sealcoat will ensure your driveway or parking lot will last. Diehl Paving wants to give your pavement the longevity it deserves. Summertime is a great time to keep your pavement in check.

What exactly is it? – While it sounds like a great accessory for an adorable seal, the sealcoat is actually the final layer of asphalt, water, fillers, and other materials that is spread over the pavement. It’s probably the most important layer because it helps protect the asphalt from the U.V. rays of the sun, weather, and various oils that can deteriorate your asphalt.

Seal Coating and Chip Sealing

The Best Time – The ideal time to put down a sealcoat is when everything is hot and dry, preferably the late-summer into early-fall. The heat helps dry the sealer faster, that’s why the humidity needs to be as low as possible. Any extra moisture could delay the drying time. In ideal conditions, a sealcoat can be dry within 24 hours. The overnight weather can’t get below 40℉. If the weather is too cold the sealer won’t dry correctly, and drying time will be drawn out. Nothing can be on the pavement before the mixture is dry. There are only a few sealcoats that can be put down in cold weather. Check to make sure you have the right type for the right season.

How often should you reapply? – When the sealcoat is properly applied then it will easily last a year to two. After two years, it’ll need to be redone so the driveway can stay at peak condition. If the pavement starts looking worn down before that time it’s best to repair any spots needed, and reapply the sealcoat.

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