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Asphalt is pretty low maintenance once it’s installed. You don’t need to worry about keeping after it daily to make sure cracks don’t start forming. Once a week, or even once a month, take time to maintain the look of your driveway. Here are a few ways to help your pavement look nice for years to come.

  • Get Out The Broom – Sweeping your pavement once a week, or at least every two weeks, is the best thing for keeping it long-lasting. It helps remove any debris that might end up forming cracks on your driveway.
  • Keep An Eye On The Puddles – Whenever it rains, a small shower or a large thunderstorm, keep an eye on where the water pools. Excessive pools of water can damage that area of your pavement overtime resulting in large cracks forming. You might need to have that area re-paved to either smooth it out or help route the draining.
  • Kill The Weeds – Weeds are relentless. Somehow those small plants can push their roots through the toughest materials. If there is a small crack in the pavement,be sure a weed will find it and set up shop. Regularly treat the ground around your pavement with a weed killer, of your choice, to help prevent that.
  • Fill The Cracks – If you do notice any cracks forming in your pavement, then you should look into getting them filled in as soon as possible. Asphalt is a flexible material, so a small crack, or a couple of small cracks, can turn into a much larger one without you realizing it.
  • Reapply A Sealcoat – After your driveway is installed, the last step is apply a sealcoat to help protect it from the elements. Overtime the original sealcoat can breakdown and expose your asphalt to cracking. Look into reapplying a sealcoat about once a year or you can stretch it to once every three years.
  • Power Washing – If you have access to a power washer or can rent one for a few hours, your driveway would benefit from it. Power washing can get rid of any small debris that you might not notice is there. It can also help break up any weeds that have a strong hold on the surface of your driveway.
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