What’s the first thing that comes to mind with concrete? It’s great for sidewalks, it’s gray, it’s another word for cement? While the first statement is true, the others are actually myths. We see it every single day from where we walk, to the buildings we may go in and out of, but what do we really know about this material? Here are a few myths you’ve probably heard about concrete.

It’s always gray. Concrete does start gray, and it’s the most common color, but it’s not the only color. You can choose from brown, tan, red, or even cobalt blue, green, and black! It looks the best with more earthy tones. Adding in mineral colors when the concrete is still being mixed will allow for different colors as it hardens.

Acid can strip the sealant. It will strip the sealant as well as cause severe damage to the concrete itself. The best option is to stick to a sealant stripper or a solvent.

White & Brick house with concrete walk
Top 6 Concrete Myths 1

It’s the same as cement. This one probably threw you for a loop. Concrete and cement are two separate materials. Cement is actually what binds the mixture together to create concrete. That mixture consists of cement, water, sand, crushed gravel, or other aggregates, paste, and additives.

Concrete can be laid at any time of year. For concrete to harden properly, it needs to dry in the first place. It’s important to plan around weather and temperature for any concrete work. Spring or fall is the ideal time to pour concrete for a long-lasting result.

It’s more durable because of the high compressive strength. Concrete comes in a variety of strengths that range from 2,500 psi to 10,000 psi. However, while it is a stronger material, it is just as durable. It is susceptible to the elements and can break down easily. Durability comes from reducing the permeability.

It is impermeable. Even the densest concrete is porous, which means it’s full of tiny holes instead of being one solid piece. Water and other substances are able to pass through the concrete to the ground underneath.

Top 6 Concrete Myths 2